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Participant Testimonials

“Very unique and very special occasion that we can have such a close conversation and close contact with the most intellectual academics in the world, the best universities in the world.”

- Winnie Ho, Development Bureau, HKSAR


“The program has been perfectly arranged….It’s indeed a very valuable program as many aspects of the subject are covered and delivered by specialists in the areas concerned….Inspiring knowledge from a general conceptual level and global perspective to specific ideas and application from the cases covered….It’s an enlightening course organized excellently. Thank you very much!”

Hon-shing Kan, Drainage Services Department, HKSAR


“An opportunity one cannot afford to miss.” 

-  Michael Leung, Water Supplies Department, HKSAR


“Absolutely a very respected group of professors and well prepared for the program……A week time well spent. I believe the ideas and insights are very useful, and broaden my horizons on the topic……The efforts of the team in organizing the program is much appreciated. Overall the program is well organized and administered, and the quality of the program is extraordinary.”

“There is a very good mix of professors from Oxford, from Hong Kong. They really have their experiences from their research areas and their different perspectives.”

- Morris Cheung, MTRC


“This program really gives us a 360 perspective on how to excel in the future. The learning is not only from the lecturers but also from the diversified questions from the other participants….A better understanding of the urgency to get the right process for urbanization.”

-   Donald Choi, Nan Fung Group


“This program helps me make more friends, broaden my mind, test my practical thought against academic theory….. If you ask me for a statement to conclude it, I should say that it is a good course for future leaders.”

-  K K Ip, GCA Professional Services Group


“I have a lot of opportunities to know the people coming from different sectors in Hong Kong. We have a lot of chats and we have a lot of discussion.” 

-  Thomas Leung, Building Department, HKSAR


“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation of the first-rate seminar that you have organized for us. You should be so proud of this overwhelming recognition and we know the success is, in no small part, attributed to all the painstaking efforts you have exerted in lining up all these distinguished speakers and thoughtful arrangements for our seminar.”

- Evelyn Lam, HK Police Force, HKSAR


“…interaction between speakers and participants, provision of global perspectives and policy angles of international and national issues.”

- Joseph Wong, Census & Statistics Department, HKSAR


“A much broader understanding of the subject matter including how protest is evolving.”         

“It is absolutely a valuable learning opportunity from the renowned professors and other participants from government departments and private sector. The program has enhanced my understanding in formulating the strategies in city development, how the growth of cities would affect the lives of the citizens. It also deepened my knowledge of China’s urbanization policies and development.”

“Right topic at the right time & excellent, knowledgeable speakers.”