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Innovation in Governance: Smart and Sustainable Cities
18 - 20 October 2017 ○ HKUST Clearwater Bay Campus
What are ‘smart cities’?  What are ‘sustainable cities’?  What do these ideas have to do with the future of cities, including Hong Kong? It is estimated that by 2050, the global population of people living in cities will increase by 2.5 billion people. This growth presents many challenges for government, business, and civil society.  As cities begin to consider their futures, there is a move towards developing ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ cities.  
Designed for leaders concerned with ensuring the quality of life for future generations in Hong Kong and beyond, this three-day executive education program will examine these concepts to help practitioners better understand how these ideas and programs can provide benefits to urban areas in a variety of local, regional and global contexts.  We will draw on top-minds to share experiences from around the globe, and to analyze different perspectives and best practices.  The program will look across a range of topics, with a focus on how ideas from ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ cities can be mobilized to deal with a range of social, environmental and physical challenges relevant to ensuring that the cities of the future, especially Hong Kong, are vibrant, livable, and dynamic.
This program will help participants to:
  • Make sense of the concepts of ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ cities in the context of Hong Kong and the region.
  • Examine the role of ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ technologies in solving urban challenges based on examples taken from around the globe. 
  • Engage with diverse stakeholders and faculty who are engaged in different problem areas, using different tools and approaches, to implementing ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ programs in cities.
  • Understand how smart and sustainable approaches could be applied to fulfill visions of a dynamic, livable and vibrant Hong Kong.
The challenges facing cities in the future are relevant to a wide range of organizations and individuals across the public and private sectors, and will require coordination and creativity from all of these groups. This program is designed for senior policy makers and stakeholders in NGO’s and businesses with interest in a wide variety of areas relating to urban management and quality of life, and will provide cross-cutting perspectives relevant to a broad audience of professionals.
  • Why ‘Smart’ and ‘Sustainable’ Cities?
  • Smart and Sustainable Policies for Global Cities
  • Delivering Smart and Sustainable Cities
  • Urban Transport and the Smart City
  • Big Data and Urban Governance
  • Smart City Development and Urban Governance Innovation in China
  • Japan's Experience of Smart and Sustainable Cities: Lessons and Implications for Hong Kong and Beyond
  • Smart and Circular City Economies
  • Prof Kira MATUS (Lead Faculty), HKUST
  • Prof Hong LO, HKUST
  • Dr Jenny MCARTHUR, University College London
  • Prof Xun WU, HKUST
  • Prof Qiang YANG, HKUST
  • Dr Masaru YARIME, City University of Hong Kong
  • Prof Lin YE, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China
Application Deadline: 9 October 2017
Download e-brochure here.