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Uncertainty in an Interconnected World: Politics, Society and Policy
4 - 7 July 2017 ○ HKUST Clearwater Bay Campus

Global changes in climate, environment, populations, governments, institutions, and cultures converge in localities. These changes have been profoundly transforming the environments confronting policy-maker around the world, Hong Kong not excepted. This program consists of a series of seminars on topics of special interest to the region. In addition to assessing these trends from a global and comparative perspective, it will examine their specific manifestations in Hong Kong. Designed for leaders and policy-makers, this unique course gathers together the world’s top minds on each of the pressing issues and enables in-depth discussions in small-class settings. It sets the stage for deep understanding and forward thinking on the contexts in which leaders and policy-makers operate in an increasingly complex world, in which challenges assume global, regional and local dimensions.

The past few years have seen tremendous changes to the global political landscape. From Trump to Brexit; from China’s One Belt-One Road initiative to the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong: local political, economic and social changes are having tremendous impacts both regionally and globally. This, of course, is because of our world is more connected, with more interdependencies, than at any other time in human history. The actions of a few hundred thousand voters in the rust-belt states of America, for example, has torpedoed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, potentially affecting businesses from as far away as Vietnam and Peru. 

In this special HKUST-Oxford LAPP workshop, we will gather together world-class faculty from three continents to explore both this unsettling of the established post-war order, the causes and the consequences of this uncertainty around the world and, more precisely, how it might impact upon Hong Kong. 

This course will provide valuable global and regional insights into local issues. as such, it will be relevant to senior policymakers and stakeholders in NGOs and business - especially those engaged with issues of social policy, interaction with the local political system, and interests in the economic and political relationship with other parts of the world.

The course concentrates on three interconnected streams, with each taking a global, regional and local view. These are: Describing an uncertain world; looking at the causes of an uncertain world, and looking at the consequences of an uncertain world. Themes from across the world will be explored with implications for Hong Kong examined. More precisely, the topics we will be exploring will include:
•    Inequality
•    The future of welfare
•    Demographic challenges (and opportunities)
•    The role of young and older people
•    The future of the ‘liberal order’
•    China’s role in the world

• Prof Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN, University of Oxford, HKUST (Lead Faculty)
• Prof Danny DORLING, University of Oxford
• Prof Stefan Kühner, Lingnan University Hong Kong
• Dr Manuel Muñiz, Harvard University
• Prof WU Xiaogang, HKUST
• Prof Paul, Siu-Fai YIP, The University of Hong Kong
• Prof David ZWEIG, HKUST
23 June 2017