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HKUST Leadership and Public Policy Programs: Enhancing Public Value through Policy Development
5 Nov 2019 (Tue) - 6 Nov 2019 (Wed)
9:00am - 5:30pm
HKUST Clear Water Bay Campus

Managers and leaders in the public sector are frequently confronted with decisions over whether to initiate new policies and programmes and to continue, modify, or terminate existing ones. Often, they are expected make decisions or make recommendations without the benefit of complete information or the certainty of success. They also operate in environments that are changing (sometimes rapidly), unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. 

At the same time, public managers are often confronted with diverse stakeholders who have competing demands. No longer is it enough to address rising societal demands; governments must also deal with, and negotiate between, conflicting demands. They are also expected to innovate and to satisfy multiple stakeholders. Confronted with these demands, it is not surprising that public managers are sometimes overwhelmed or paralysed.  

This three-day programme, taught by experienced international faculty and senior Hong Kong practitioners, aims to equip public sector managers and its future leaders with the formal knowledge and practical skills in policy development that are critical for enhancing public value. The programme will provide participants with an in-depth appreciation of public value and equip them with the essential frameworks in carrying out various tasks in policy development. This includes strategic framing of policy problems, devising policy options, implementing the chosen options, communicating them effectively, and evaluating policy impacts. The course will also introduce participants to behavioural considerations in policy design and communications, as well as psychological principles in overcoming political and operational constraints. 


  • Understand what public value is and how it is produced
  • Understand the key roles of public managers in policy development and public value creation
  • Appreciate the importance of political, administrative and analytical capabilities in shaping policy development
  • Appreciate how the operating landscape for public managers is changing and the new capabilities that are required of them
  • Learn diverse approach to analysing, developing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and communicating public policies 

Who Should Attend 

The programme is suitable for public sector managers with responsibilities for developing, implementing, communicating and/or evaluating public policy. Managers who are involved in planning, policy analysis, project management, policy communications, and monitoring/evaluation will also find this course especially useful and relevant.
This programme is also highly suitable for professionals/executives from private sector and non-profit organisations who have to engage or work with government entities. They too would benefit from a better understanding of public value, how change in public organisations occur, the policy process, behavioural and psychological insights in government, and stakeholder engagement.


Featured Curriculum 

  • Taking a Strategic Approach to Public Policy
  • Leading Change in Public Organisations
  • What is Public Value?
  • Strategic Management of Policy Challenges
  • Leading in Complexity: Examples from Housing and Transport Policy
  • Developing and Assessing Policy Options
  • Thinking Strategically About Policy Implementations
  • Using Evidence to Evaluate Policy Effectiveness
  • Behavioural Insights and Public Policy
  • Using Social Psychology Principles to Overcome Political and Operation Constraints
  • Policy Design and Communications 
  • Engaging Stakeholders

Featured Program Faculty

Prof. Eduardo Araral 
Associate Professor and Co-Director Institute of Water Policy
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Prof. Anthony Cheung, GBS, JP 
Former Secretary of Transport and Housing, HKSAR;
Research Chair Professor, 
Department of Asian and Policy Studies
The Education University of Hong Kong

Prof. Leong Ching
Assistant Professor and Co-Director
Institute of Water Policy
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore 

Prof. Sabrina Lin
Professor and Vice President 
Institutional Advancement, HKUST

Dr. Christine Loh, SBS, OBE, JP
Former Undersecretary for the 
Environment, HKSAR;
Chief Development Strategist, HKUST

Prof. Donald Low
Professor of Practice and Director (Leadership and Public Policy), HKUST

Prof. Ye Qi
Professor and Director 
Institute for Public Policy, HKUST

Prof. Xun Wu
Professor and Head 
Division of Public Policy, HKUST


Registration Deadline 

18 October, 2019


Programme Fee 




One FREE quota (i.e.HKD12000) will be offered for every four participant nominated by the same institution. 


Online Registration 

Please Click HERE.



Tel: (852) 3469 2426        Email: LAPP@ust.hk      Website: www.LAPP.ust.hk


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