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Using Big Data to Create Public Value: "Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies"
5 Mar 2019 (Tue) - 6 Mar 2019 (Wed)
9:00am - 5:30pm
Room 3003, Lee Shau Kee Business Building, HKUST


The rise of big data and evidence-based governance practices has the potential to radically transform government. This transformation presents opportunities to enhance the way government operates to improve decision-making, capture efficiencies, and improve overall effectiveness. Similarly, the use of big data practices can improve the design and delivery of public policies to create greater value for the public. While an era of big data promises to presents many benefits, it also brings many questions. What are the key components of big data systems and what social and technical factors must be considered? How can big data practices harness the power of information and new technologies to improve public value while avoiding potential pitfalls often associated with the adoption of this new governance paradigm. How does the use of big data differ across policy areas and government jurisdictions?

Our program in “Big Data and Public Policy: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies” seeks to provide participants with innovative knowledge regarding the use of big data to enhance public policy and governance. The program consists of several inter-related and interactive training sessions on big data topics of regional and global interest. Topics include state-of-the-art software technologies, managing information resources, and developing good practices required to effectively employ big data in the public sector. Students will also be exposed to the latest thinking by leading academics and practitioners in the field, learn how to develop evidence-based big data practices, and gain practical appreciation for the factors that impact the success of big data programs. 



  • Examine the importance of big data and how its use is evolving in the public sector
  • Identify how big data can transform the public sector by assisting government create public value in key policy areas
  • Understand the interplay between big data practices, evidence-based policy-making, and public programs
  • Examine big data applications in different nations to highlight best practices within different contexts
  • Highlight effective strategies for utilizing big data to strengthen public policy and overcome social, technical, and cultural challenges


Who Should Attend

The program is designed for senior executives and professionals in the government, non-profit and private sector, whether working at national or international levels. The program is well suited for senior civil servants across government agencies, as well as consultants and staff of international development agencies. Leaders from non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and corporations who are concerned with innovation and technology policy will also benefit from the program. Training in information technology, information management, or data science is not a requirement. Program participants typically possess a broad cross-section of backgrounds, and have experience working in a variety of fields including: finance, economic and development planning, infrastructure development, industry, trade, science and technology, information and communications, education, health, environment, and regional development.



 •  Big Data: What it is and Why it matters 

 •  Big Data and Public Policy 

 •  Big Data for Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges in Hong Kong 

 •  Big Data in Urban Planning: Singapore’s Experience

 •  Data Science for the Public Good 

 •  Using Big Data in Social Policy 

 •  Big Data for Smart Transport in a GREAT Smart City: Opportunities and Challenges

 •  Implementing Big Data Projects in Government 


Trainers of the Program 

- Professor Lei Chen (Director, Big Data Institute, HKUST)

- Professor Joseph Lee (Professor, Division of Public Policy, HKUST)

- Professor Hong Lo (Director, Center for GREAT Smart Cities, HKUST)

- Professor Donald Low (Director, Leadership and Public Policy, HKUST)

- Mr. Zhongwen Huang (Director, (Digital Planning Lab), Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore)

- Professor Reuben Ng (Assistant Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore)

- Professor Xun Wu (Professor and Head, Division of Public Policy, HKUST)


​Application Deadline: 19 February 2019

Download e-brochure   here .