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Opportunities from the Belt and Road
25 - 27 September 2017 ○ HKUST Clearwater Bay Campus
This program is co-organized by HKUST Leadership and Public Policy Executive Education (LAPP) and
HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS)
Following the Belt and Road Summit in Beijing attended by 29 heads of state in May 2017, momentum is building for China’s major initiative to support infrastructure construction and increase connectivity with over 60 countries along the overland Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road. But what is actually happening under the Initiative and what economic opportunities will be created for Hong Kong and countries along the Belt and Road? This executive program consists of a series of interconnected and interactive seminars led by leading research, government, and business leaders that will provide participants with an up-to-date picture of how the Initiative is being implemented in countries around the world, the expected impacts on trade and investment as well as internationalization of the renminbi, potential opportunities for Hong Kong businesses, and the roles that government and other stakeholders can play to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Learn about the content of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, including major international projects
  • Understand the challenges to successful investments under the Initiative, including financing, institutions, technology, geography, and other local factors
  • Examine how trade and investment patterns are likely to be influenced by the Initiative
  • Analyze whether the Initiative can spur economic development in Belt and Road countries
  • Understand how Belt and Road projects can be financed, and potential opportunities for Hong Kong’s financial sector
  • Learn about potential opportunities from the Belt and Road for Hong Kong and examine how government and other stakeholders can help Hong Kong seize these opportunities
The program is designed for senior executives and professionals in the government, non-profit and private sector, who are interested in better understanding what the Belt and Road Initiative entails, what its likely impacts will be, and what are the opportunities for Hong Kong businesses. Leaders of public and private companies engaged international trade or investment, or public officials that support Hong Kong businesses are likely to find the program to be particularly useful, as will leaders of any organization that interacts with counterparts in Belt and Road countries. 
  • What are the specific components of the Belt and Road Initiative, and what projects and initiatives have already begun?
  • What are the likely impacts of new infrastructure or trade agreements on international trade with different Belt and Road countries?
  • How will trade with Belt and Road countries affect internationalization of the renminbi?
  • Have Chinese infrastructure and other investments in Africa been successful and have they promoted local development?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for Hong Kong companies in Southeast Asia?
  • What has been the experience of Belt and Road investments in Pakistan?
  • How can Belt and Road infrastructure construction plans be financed, and how can Hong Kong’s financial institutions play a role?
  • What are the economic opportunities from the Belt and Road Initiative for Hong Kong, and how can the government and other actors support efforts to take advantage of these opportunities? 
  • Prof. Albert PARK (Lead Faculty), HKUST
  • Dr. Victor K. FUNG, GBS, Fung Group
  • Mr. David CHAO Yao Ting, United Overseas Bank Limited
  • Prof. Alicia Garcia HERRERO, HKUST
  • Mr. Nicholas KWAN, The Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Prof. Edwin L.-C. LAI, HKUST
  • Prof. Barry SAUTMAN, HKUST
  • Prof. Naubahar SHARIF, HKUST
  • Prof. Xun WU, HKUST
Application Deadline:
21 September 2017
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Opportunities from the Belt and Road
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